Our past clients can answer all these questions with "yes"

Testimonials from clients

We had a room built over our garage and a new bedroom and bathroom constructed inside our home. We were very impressed with Patrick OíMahonyís organizational skills and his professional manner. He oversaw all aspects of the project - from the initial drawings to the final clean up. The job was finished on time and on budget and we are extremely pleased with the results. We would highly recommend Mr. OíMahony.
Jane and Peter
From the outset we found Patrick to be very capable and reliable. He is very easy to work with and was patient and professional throughout the project. We were very pleased with the pace of construction and the overall job turned out beautifully. Patrick takes pride in his work and we were very glad to have chosen him to work with.
Diane and Bob Watson
Newmarket, Ontario
Pat O'Mahony is a straight talking, hardworking guy, that does what he says he'll do. We were 110% satisfied with his outstanding service that came in on time and on budget. His professional approach and understanding of what we wanted proved to us that our satisfaction was his number one priority.

Great job Pat. We would highly recommend your services.
John & Wendy Little
Newmarket, Ontario
We came across Pat as a result of his work in the neighborhood. Our first renovation was quite large as it was an addition, as well as a renewal of the remaining house. We wanted something custom made, and had spent considerable time informing ourselves about what could be done.

Pat came to our house and brought to our attention some things that were not necessary, as well as some things that should be changed, all of which saved us money! We hired Pat for many reasons, the first being that he had a strong sense of structure and curb appeal. That is very evident in our home. Pat also made us feel comfortable. He is a very good communicator, and we always felt as though we were part of a team. We never could hire someone to take over our house without a strong feeling of trust.

Working with Pat was easy, as he never seems to see anything as a problem. When we realized that we could make a room above the newly built garage, Pat saw no problem in doing this, even though the entire construction was built around no possibility for a room. Pat figured out how to fix the problem, called in the engineers, (who copied his idea), and presented the plan, and a budget.

Our entire house was done on budget, or under. There were numerous pieces of custom work to be done, so Pat could not give a price, however all the work came within my personal budget.

As a direct result of Patís work we hired him again to redo our kitchen and bathroom. Now this was a bit of a nightmare, as this house is old and every wall is anything but straight. We now have a very beautiful and functional home.
Pat & Stella Lemarche
Newmarket, Ontario